Collision Shops

CollisionLink® has transformed the way body shops order OE parts. It's the all-makes, all-models online solution used by thousands of shops and dealers nationwide.

You can use to enroll in CollisionLink® to order your parts online. Its Free!!


Click Register to enroll (once per business) and then Download to install (once per PC).
Check your E-Mail for your Sign on Name and Password.
Select your Estimating Software.
Select your OEM Suppliers.
Than select your Preferred OEM Supplier.

That's It! You Can Begin Ordering Parts Online Through CollisionLink®.

Selecting your Suppliers:

When you see your OEM supplier and they have a computer mouse logo next to their name, they are signed up with CollisionLink® and your orders will be E-mailed to them.

Your OEM supplier can map your orders to the wholesale parts consultant you would nominally talk to on the phone, so they can fill your orders and call you back with any issues.

When it has a fax machine logo next to the OEM supplier’s name, they are not signed up with CollisionLink® and your orders will be faxed to them.

If your OEM supplier’s name does not show up, you can enter their information on CollisionLink® and your orders will be faxed to them.

Accurate Streamlined Parts Ordering:

One ordering process for all makes and models.
Automatic importing of shop estimates.
VIN scrubbing and photo uploads for precision parts specification and reduced returns.
VIN decoding for paint and trim codes, gear ratios and more.
Online order status tracking with digital filing cabinet of orders.

Competitive OE Parts Pricing:

CollisionLink® helps you purchase more OE parts while maintaining desired profit margins. Using CollisionLink®, dealers are automatically alerted to competitive OE parts pricing, helping you control repair costs while improving customer satisfaction and reducing cycle time.

Automaker Parts Programs Available Through CollisionLink®:

CollisionLink® is the technology that automates and manages parts programs for OEMs. Currently, there are nine parts programs, representing 20 vehicle brands, and including more than 20,000 high-volume collision parts that qualify for discounts when shops buy OEM instead of equivalent non-OEM parts.

More Information:

CollisionLink® is provided at no charge. For assistance or questions, contact them online or call 1.866.401.4610, ext. 1 to speak with a CollisionLink® specialist.